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Beginning today, I’m self-hosting my newly-landscaped Garden Party blog!  So, if you’re RSSing me or linking to me on your own blog, please note the new location:

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Stats: Who’d Have Thought It Would Be So Fascinating?

Well, this will be my 18th blog post.  I started it for kicks, figuring a few friends and family members might breeze by from time to time and check it out, but it would mostly be a little corner of the interwebz for me to keep my cool stuff.  When I set up The Garden Party, I didn’t know WordPress would provide such a rich array of statistics on the activity of the blog.  I can see where people are coming to the blog from, what search engine terms they used to find my blog, which links they clicked on, whether they viewed my posts on-site or through RSS and more.  It has become a mild addiction, really, wanting to see if anyone else has viewed the blog since I checked 15 minutes ago.  I’m sure it will wear off.  Please, experienced bloggers, tell me it will wear off!

But, since I’m still all tickled pink about this, I thought I’d share the initial stats with you.  There really are already some interesting stories to tell!  Here’s what my all-time views are, by name of post:

First Garden Party Stat Capture

First Garden Party Stat Capture

My total views to date are 1,190, which actually sort of floors me.  It’s a number that teases and tempts me to figure out new and innovative ways to provoke a view spike.  As you can clearly see by the post in the number 1 position, “Moose Magic,” is in the lead.  What you can’t see by this chart, though, is that the reason for that is largely due to the 245 views it received on a single day: September 2.  What could be so outrageously captivating about a baby moose hanging out in someone’s house, I asked myself? I looked a little further and found an odd url in the list of “referrers,” (sites from which people clicked to find that post).  Something called Four Winds.  I clicked through to find my post literally cut and pasted, formatting and all, into their site.  That was a mild surprise and struck me as somewhat outside generally accepted internet eitquette.  Had I wished to do that with someone’s blog, I would have asked them it if was okay and credited them with the authorship of the post.  But, since I was basking in viewers, I didn’t let my feathers get terribly ruffled.  I didn’t even notice that they had inexplicably renamed my post to “Moose Majic.”  I did, however, wish to understand what this site was all about, why they found my post so important to their mission, and what kind of visitors I might be drawing from their place.

I’m not going to link to them here, because, frankly, I find them creepy and had a rather unpleasant email exchange with them when I wrote to share with them what I have just shared with you.  They told me to grow up or take my blog down if I didn’t “want my posts to be seen.”  So, if you really want to see for yourself what I’m about to tell you, you’ll have to go and google them for yourselves.

My jaw literally dropped when I read their mission statement:

The Four Winds and The Phoenix Archives websites are committed to giving Truth to the people of our world and to revealing the lies under which we of Planet Earth have been living for thousands of years.

This website has been established to freely give Truth to anyone seeking Truth on this planet. The Bellringers are assisting to fulfill the promise that Esu Immanuel made 2000 years ago, when he said that at the end of the age, Truth would be presented one more time to the “four corners of the earth”

Whoa.  But, that’s just the beginning.  Here are their stated objectives:

  1. To reveal the Darkside’s secret Plan 2000 for total world control by our present evil world leaders.
  2. To reveal to the world’s people that Creator God Aton of Light also has a Plan 2000. God Aton and His Forces of Light will not do it for us but will work with us, as we responsibly confront evil in our day and change the “ending of the play.”
  3. To reveal the evil world leaders’ cover-up of off-world humans (our ancestors), who are here in starships in Earth’s atmosphere at this time, and who have come with good intent to help us prevent the evil Plan 2000 from being accomplished, and to help us establish the New Age of Enlightenment.
  4. To reveal the Truth presently being given to our civilization by the Realms of Light:
    • How to change the age-old prophecies, e.g. how to change the ending of this civilization without the prophesied final destruction occurring.
    • How to prepare for our future survival, if necessary, against coming Earth changes.
    • How to heal ourselves from any disease or ailment by within in combination with those things provided by Creator God for our healing.
    • How to have total and permanent protection for ourselves and our families against all darkside energies, entities and technology.
    • How to change what is and create our way, through the power of our God-Spirit within. This includes bringing balance and harmony again to our “Mother Earth and ushering in the New Age of Peace and Enlightenment.
    • How to assist our Planet Earth in her transition into fifth dimension by 2012.
    • How to make our own transition into fifth dimension and the Age of Enlightenment without experiencing physical death and returning to another 3D lifestream.
  5. To assist Truthseekers, Lightworkers, and Truthbringers alike in their search for and presentation of Truth.
  6. To spread the Truth from Creator God Aton of Light to the “Four Corners of the Planet Earth” via the “Fourwinds” website and the Phoenix Archives website. The original foundation of Truth upon which Fourwinds rests is that which has been presented by Creator God Aton of Light and the Ascended Masters in the 241 volumes of The Phoenix Journals. These Journals are also known as the “Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.”

Double whoa.  Having read that, you’d think I would not have been stupid enough to actually email them and inquire about internet etiquette.  By this point, I hadn’t considered it.  It wasn’t until I read this next bit that I felt I had to take a stand. In their instructions to their new readers, they state:

This section contains more than one hundred categories of news and information items ranging from government and political to science, health and spiritual areas. You are free to read, copy and use with good intent any article of interest you find here.

Er…you’re giving the world permission to do whatever they wish with something you don’t own?  My ethics radar went up.  I was polite and sweet, but received a rather obnoxious response.  Big surprise there.  I guess universal truth is a tough business!  In the end, this mostly served to amuse me and make me wonder what I might do to watch my stats line graph grow more interesting. I think I’ll start by tagging this post with their website names, since they seem to be so unnervingly popular! 😉

Coming in a distant (but much more reasonable) second is the viral video “The Front Fell Off,” featuring an Australian comedy duo doing a sketch about a shipping accident that resulted in a major oil spill.  At the moment, this post is getting the most views per day and is enjoying quite a lot of attention.  The Stats tell me it is the most searched-on topic on my blog…actually coming in second to the rescued baby moose.  Since both of these stories came to me through my email, and both professed to be true, I’m making the huge intellectual leap that people are satisfying their need to separate hoax from truth by googling these topics as they receive the emails themselves.  I’m particularly entertained by watching the search queries for “The Front Fell Off,” because it tells the story of how many people must have gotten the email and wondered, “Wow!  Could that really be true?”  We’re such a gullible bunch!

While we’re talking about search engine queries, I am still dumbfounded by how many people are still trying to find out the facts on how to properly wrap a potato in aluminum foil for baking!  That was a total fluff piece!  I was just getting my blogging feet wet!  And, there it is, number 4 in popularity and showing up on the search engine stats daily!  I’m dying to know what is really up with that!

Finally, there is a stat section called, “Incoming Links,” that says it tracks other blogs that have linked to me.  Something’s not right in that land.  A couple of friends and fellow-bloggers have, in fact, linked to me from their blogs.  They don’t show up here.  On the other hand, this site does!  Curious, I went there to see where I had been linked.  Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see a link to my blog anywhere on that site, nor would I expect to, since it is actually about gardening and not The Garden Party!  So, I’m seriously scratching my head there.  If you have insight on this mystery, please comment!

And, the epilogue has to do with just that:  comments.  Please post some!  I can see you guys all reading the blog from the Stats page and yet the comments section is paltry in comparison!  Let me know you were here, for crying out loud!  Just a little shout out would be fine…no need to write anything profound!  Let me know if you found a post interesting, amusing, enlightening, boring, or whatever.  Thanks!

Psalms 48:12 Walk about Zion, And go all around her. Count her towers; 13 Mark well her bulwarks; Consider her palaces; That you may tell it to the generation following.