Nice Weather…For Ducks!

Photos by Ennis Davis and Daniel Herbin

Photos by Ennis Davis and Daniel Herbin

Well, if you’ve been reading this blog, you know I promised to rush right out and get tickets for “Cirque Du Soleil: Delirium,” running for 4 days only:  Last Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.  When I purchased the tickets for Thursday night, Tropical Storm Fay was stalled somewhere around Daytona and nobody knew what she was gonna do next.  Maybe it was gonna be a big problem…maybe it was gonna be a lot of rain and not much else.  Well, I can go to the movies in the rain!

Wednesday, things were looking nasty enough, my husband’s office closed and announced it would be closed the following day.  My niece and nephews schools were closed and the bottled water was disappearing off the Publix shelves as fast as they could be stocked.  We spent Wednesday evening taking the wind chimes out of the trees, storing the patio furniture in the garage, and just generally battening down the hatches.  Still, somewhere inside of me there lived this small hope that the storm would never amount to anything and I’d be able to redeem my pre-paid coupon at the Regal the next night.

Fay Over the Jacksonville Skyline

Fay Over the Jacksonville Skyline

We were among the lucky ones.  We never lost power.  We lost cable and internet and phone service, but that just meant I got the seminar I’m teaching pulled together in Microsoft Word.  That level of isolation was nearly a blessing!  We had a battery operated TV that we turned on at the top of the our all day Thursday to keep track of the weather maps and see images of what was going on outside.  As Fay really kicked up her heels outside and we began to marvel at the deluge, we were also amazed at how many people feel the uncontrollable urge to GO OUTSIDE at a time like this.  The ones who drive through standing water and get stuck for hours until someone can rescue them.  The ones who go swimming and BRING THEIR KIDS!!!! The ones who roam around in high winds just to see what it feels like.  I guess those are the people who aren’t sitting at home listening to the weather and newscasters tell everyone not to do those things.

Anyway, the news said the peak of the storm activity would be between 5:00 and 9:00 Thursday night.  Curtain time for “Delirium” was supposed to be 7:30.  I called the theater around 2:00 and asked what their policy was for those who had tickets for that night.  The woman I spoke to said – and rather curtly – “We’re here.  As long as we have power, the movie is showing.”  Well, okay, then.  I gave it about an hour and a half for the icky feeling I got from that conversation to wear off.  Fay sent bands of really heavy wind and rain through with large periods of just nothing in between.  It was weird.  Every time the rain stopped, we wanted to just believe the storm was over.  Then, someone on the television would say something like, “Make no mistake, this storm isn’t over!”  My sister was supposed to be my date for this enormous cinematic event.  We called each other about a half dozen times trying to decide whether it made any sense at all to try to go out and drive and risk sitting in a cinema when power was lost and then try to drive home in the dark with trees falling down on us!  Actually, it didn’t take much brain power to work it out!  There had already been one fatality on exactly the road we needed to travel…in exactly that way.  I called the cinema back and reached a somewhat more reasonable woman who said we could redeem the coupon for either of the noon shows on Saturday or Sunday.  I knew neither of those would work, so she suggested bringing the coupon down and speaking to a manager.  I’m guessing I’ll get a credit for some future show at the Regal.  But, it won’t be “Dilirium.”  That’s gonna have to be viewed on my 42″ flat screen TV some months from now.  Ah well.

These pictures were taken from the Metro Jacksonville website.  Many more fascinating images can be seen there, as well as discussion about Fay.

Genesis 9:11 Thus I establish My covenant with you: Never again shall all flesh be cut off by the waters of the flood; never again shall there be a flood to destroy the earth.”


5 Responses

  1. Can I feed your ducks?

  2. Um…well…what do you intend to feed them? None of that psychedelic stuff!

  3. I was fortunate enough to see Delirium in person. It was fantastic – so much so that I doubt a movie screen would have done it much justice! That’s supposed to make you feel better for missing it, by the way. Now come here so I can give you a nice paper cut and pour lemon juice on it.

  4. Um…well…what do you intend to feed them? None of that psychedelic stuff!

    How about the fallen corpses of my slain enemies?

  5. Well! That ought to make for some big, strong ducks! Go for it!

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